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Dr. James Hernandez

Dr. James is a modern Prophet and Psalmist for the past 25 Years, James is an author and a well known entrepreneur in the industry of music, He is a producer, arranger & composer with two Masters in music & arts, he constantly travel as a conference speaker and trainer, as well a prophetic voice in his country, for governors in Central America and a preacher to many important Churches in the US, His experience and ability to speak fluently in English and Spanish has given him a platform to reach many in the marketplace and the kingdom of God to train and mentor Leaders.

James has recorded 3 Live Music Productions; Arise,The Roar of the Lion, and His newest CD The Sound of Glory and has written 4 books Titled, Prophetic Praise & Worship, The Sons of the Prophets, The Cry of the Prophet, and His newest book Your Kingdom Come/Manifested Kingdom.

As a producer has work in the secular industry for Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz, Victor Manuelle, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Luis Perico Ortíz, Nino Segarra, Olga Tañon, Edwin Rivera, José Nogueras, Son by four, Omar Alfanno, and many others, In the Christian industry has produced and arranged for Marcos Witt, Ezequiel Colón, Bobby Cruz, Lourdes Toledo, Piro Romero and others locally.

God called James as a prophet for the nations in November 1995 and in May 17,2003 was ordained in the office of a prophet by Apostle John Eckhardt, Apostle Mickey Medina and Apostle Israel De Jesus.

Prophet James was under the Covering of Prophet Kim Clement’s Ministry at House of Destiny, Dr. James worked as an educator for 10 years at EITI (Eagles International Training Institute) With Drs. Pamela and Chris Hardy instructing the school of the prophetic. James has ministered many people throughout the United States and other countries such as Argentina,Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Spain, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, Holland and in Puerto Rico. He has also given conferences to prepare and educate leaders in their spiritual gifts.

James and Ruth started the NATIONAL PROPHETIC SCHOOL affiliated with Apostle Jerry Nazario and Dr. Alfonso Aponte in an assignment in Puerto Rico. In 2016 James opened an Online school; THE HOUSE OF DAVID Training Center institute, and in January 2017 James received a Doctor’s Degree in Philosophy, Leadership & Ministry through TRV Internacional by Dr.Alfonso Aponte, James is Married to Ruth Hernández, his 2 daughters, Lorraine and Jamie, and his Son Raymond and 3 grandsons: Elijah, Caleb & Raymond, and future Sons  

Sincerely yours,

James Hernández

El Dr. James es un profeta y salmista moderno durante los últimos 25 años, James es un autor y un empresario reconocido en la industria de la música, es productor, Arreglista y compositor con dos maestrías en música y arte, viaja constantemente como conferencista y uno que capacita, así como una voz profética en su país, para gobernadores en Centroamérica y un predicador en muchas Iglesias importantes en los Estados Unidos. Su experiencia y habilidad para hablar con fluidez en inglés y español le ha dado una plataforma para llegar a muchos en el mercado y el reino de Dios para capacitar y orientar a líderes.

James ha grabado 3 producciones musicales en vivo; Arise, The Roar of the Lion, y su más reciente CD The Sound of Glory y ha escrito 4 libros titulados, Alabanza y Adoración Profética, Los Hijos de los Profetas, El Clamor del Profeta, y su libro más reciente Reino tu Venga/ Reino Manifestado.

Como productor ha trabajado en la industria secular para Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz, Victor Manuelle, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Luis Perico Ortíz, Nino Segarra, Olga Tañon, Edwin Rivera, José Nogueras, Son by four, Omar Alfanno, y muchos otros, En la industria cristiana ha producido y arreglado para Marcos Witt, Ezequiel Colón, Bobby Cruz, Lourdes Toledo, Piro Romero y otros de la localidad.

Dios llamó a James como profeta para las naciones en noviembre de 1995 y en el 17 de mayo de 2003 fue ordenado en el oficio de profeta por el apóstol John Eckhardt, el apóstol Mickey Medina y el apóstol Israel De Jesus.

El Profeta James estuvo bajo la cobertura del Ministerio del Profeta Kim Clement en House of Destiny, el Dr. James trabajó como educador durante 10 años en EITI (Instituto Internacional de Capacitación Eagles) con los Dres. Pamela y Chris Hardy instruyendo la escuela de lo profético. James ha ministrado a muchas personas en los Estados Unidos y otros países como Argentina, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, España, México, Hawai, Alaska, Holanda y Puerto Rico. También ha dado conferencias para preparar y educar líderes en sus dones espirituales.

James y Ruth iniciaron la ESCUELA PROFÉTICA NACIONAL afiliada al Apóstol Jerry Nazario y el Dr. Alfonso Aponte en una asignación en Puerto Rico. En 2016 James abrió una escuela en línea; THE HOUSE OF DAVID Training Center institute, y en enero de 2017 James recibió un Doctorado en Filosofía, Liderazgo y Ministerio a través de TRV Internacional por el Dr. Alfonso Aponte, James está casado con Ruth Hernández, sus 2 hijas, Lorraine y Jamie, y su hijo Raymond y 3 nietos: Elijah, Caleb y Raymond y futuros hijos.


James Hernández

Prophetess Ruth Franco Santiago

Born in Río Piedras, P. R. and raised in the town of Cayey. My studies from the elementary school to certain courses at University were in the same town, very different from what later was my inclination for the field of beauty where I completed courses such as Professional Stylist, Nail Technique and Aesthetics and Makeup in the town of Caguas; where I also worked part of my life in several beauty salons for several years.

I was born and raised on the path of the Lord because my parents instilled in me the fear of the Lord. My passion has always been to worship and to minister to the Father through my voice and on special occasions to dance when so directed by the Holy Spirit. I have lived different experiences within the church and I have seen how God has done powerful miracles which have allowed me to understand today's generation as I used to be a worship leader and train dance groups, worshipers and musicians before knowing who is my husband and even now we work training.

On July 30, 2012 The Lord united my life to the one who is now my husband, friend, companion and confidante, James Hernández Valentín, with whom since that day I have been ministering in worship and  translating into Spanish the word of the Father. I was awarded through the International TRV Ministries School by Doctor & Apostle Alfonso Aponte the Baccalaureate degree in Ministry and Leadership on February 25, 2017. At the National Prophetic School given in the town of Orocovis I was ordained by a prophetic presbytery as a Prophetess and Teacher on May 27 in 2017.

Currently my husband and I are in the transition to establish The House of David Training Center and in the process of writing my first book where I will share some experiences lived on behalf of the new generation, to  bless them, so they can know that in Jesus there’s hope, comfort, refuge and the solution for EVERYTHING in their lives.



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