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Year 1:  Misconception about the Prophetic
In this Teachings, Dr.James will instruct his students on one of the keys to hearing God’s voice and not hearing their own thoughts. In the First teaching, James will deal with Understanding your potential, He will unfold the secret understand God’s will for the present time through the Prophetic.

Year 2:  Dreams and Visions
Prophet James has a strong desire to activate God’s People in their Gifts and these gifts are strongly connected to the prophetic, in year 2, the Student will start developing a clear Perspective of the Supernatural world and how to interpret their own ‘Dreams and visions’ for their personal life's, Family, Church and Society, Knowing the puzzle of God’s Mystery’s of how He communicates.

Year 3:  Prophetic Intercession
In this 3rd Course James will help you keys to intercede  effectively without burning out using less power and authority through revelation, Uncovering the plans of the enemy before it happens. In Prophetic Intercession you will learn the correct way of standing in the gap for others. Abraham did it without Burning out.

Year 4:  Prophetic Worship
In this class teaching James gives a clear a view of how important is to worship with a Prophetic Understanding sadly, worship has become a routine in most of the Congregations, there is no life released through their songs, and on top very little expectancy,  here, you’ll learn how the Key of David play’s a very important roll in the House of David Training Center.

Team Work Leadership Year 1
The Lord placed strongly His desire to Teach Leaders how vital is to Team Up with others as the entire scriptures reveal to embrace the responsibility of the Kingdom and the duty of Loving without unconditionally.

Team Work Leadership Year 2
We will Study on the importance of the root of Team Work for the benefit of marriages who function as a couple.